Our story

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us :)

First thing you need to know is that we are two girls, Angelique and Deborah from Reunion Island, a tiny tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We left home not long after turning 18 years old (ouch that seems like so long ago now!) to study in Australia and settled in Perth. We actually met there and became really good friends, we even lived together without killing each other! We have the same love for the ocean, the beach, sandy toes and salty beached-out hair. 

After 8 years in Australia, Angelique left for Sri Lanka to follow her passion and became a yoga teacher in a resort. She lived in a small village and in her spare time used to visit the village's seamstress to create some clothes for her own use. After a while she asked herself why not create a small brand and that's when she thought of me ( Deborah) to do it with her. 

We had no clues in fashion or business - Angelique is a yoga teacher with a degree in Marketing and I'm a graphic designer- but after living in Australia where they teach you than nothing is impossible, we started our own business. 

We had to learn everything from scratch, but we are now proud to tell you that we have achieved a lot.

For the creation of the clothes we choose and pick everything in the markets in Colombo, from the material to the little buttons and zips. We are currently working with a small family run factory in a village in Sri Lanka. 

While Angelique lived there she looked after everything, visiting the factory multiple times to make sure everything was in order. Now we both moved back home to Reunion so we manage what we can from here and we go back to do it all over again when we create a new collection.

WATERCHILD is our baby, we do pretty much everything ourselves ( except for the making of the clothes that we leave to the experts).

One of most important thing for us is to empower women, design clothes that make them feel at their fabulous best and also show them that we CAN succeed. 

We are also so proud to represent our country and hopefully put it out there on the map so people start to know about it.

We also want to thank you for your support, without you we wouldn't be able to do this. We hope you will find an outfit that you will like and know that we make them with a lot of love.

Angelique & Deborah